Jessica Newman was born and raised in Brooklyn, where she spent a large portion of her day on the train. She received her B.S. in cognitive science from Brown University and her M.A. in language and literacy from the City College of New York, where she taught writing. She enjoys kickboxing and crosswords, and not so much the heat. Jessica's work has appeared in elimae, Caketrain, PANK, Redivider and elsewhere. You can find more of her work at outofskinpress.com/, and a list of selected publications is below.

"An Apartment of Women" in PANK

"Water and Other Remedies" in Corium

"Of Which There Wasn't" in Alice Blue Review

"Smith and Nelson" in Birkensnake

"A Way No Longer Had" in Action, Yes

"Cilice" in Caketrain

"Morning" in elimae