Nichole Riggs was born in southern California, and raised in ever-sunny and arid Tucson, Arizona. She studied poetry at the University of Arizona, where she received her BA in English and Creative Writing in 2011. In her spare time during and after her undergraduate program, Nichole was an intern for and volunteered with Spork Press – where she helped owner and friend Drew Burk sew, glue, print, and hand bind beautifully crafted chapbooks. Nichole also attended weekly poetry meetings with the Tucson based group The Shameless Word Artist Society, where she participated in poetry workshops with other local poets.

Nichole is interested in weird, fantastical, and sometimes obscene poetry that deals with feminine abjection and identity (but will read just about any poetry as long as it’s engaging). Her other interests include doing capoeira, Brazilian dance, baking pies, and Alice in Wonderland. She has poetry published in Transcendence Magazine, as well as Harmony Magazine.