Though Ae Hee Lee was born in South Korea, she lived in Peru for 14 years due to her parents’ jobs as Christian missionaries. Because of this and more, she developed a love for diversity, cultures, and languages. Ae Hee received her B.A. in English and minors in ESL and writing from Calvin College. During her college years she worked as a Spanish Communication Leader and Layout Editor for Dialogue, Calvin’s Literary Magazine. After graduation she took a gap year interning for Revue and the Creative Youth Center, while focusing on her writing.

She wrote her Honors thesis on cross-cultural fairytales and an analysis of the role of fairytales in the development of children’s cultural identity. Her poetry has been published in DialogueCobaltChaWisdumb Tooth*, exhibited at the Calvin College’s Center Art Gallery, and is forthcoming in Spark: A Creative Anthology and Ruminate.