Mailing Address:
Creative Writing Program
English Department
University of Notre Dame
233 Decio Hall
Notre Dame IN 46556


California State University of San Bernardino, BA in English

Area of writing: Poetry


Life for this poet started at seventeen, he knows this sounds absurd but begs the reader to consider how crossing the Sonoran-desert at the dead of night could be a sort of re-birth. In his previous life, besides having evaded death at least once, accidentally, he also evaded construction as a way to earn his living. Too late he recognizes though, that this too could be an art form.

Avid reader of signs in the sand, he willfully ignored for a time the knowledge of insects when they told him that substance abuse is no myth. He once saw a baby cenzontle crossing the road, not sleepy not cold, and where he should have shivered thinking of the impression of its little feet upon the gravel, he instead decided to become a braille translator for the snow birds of his adopted town. At one point, in correspondence with a band of monarch butterflies they sent the original manuscript of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, though they claimed it wasn’t written by T. S. Eliot. In the last letter of their seasonal correspondence, they told him they were surrendering to him their poetry secrets in order to survive their migrating journey. Apparently, poetry is a heavy endeavor to any species.

So, in short, crosser of deserts, free citizen of shadowland and dreamer of a world without labels and numbers to put in them.