Mailing Address:
Creative Writing Program
English Department
University of Notre Dame
356 O’Shaughnessy Hall
Notre Dame IN 46556


Education: Western Washington University, BA in Creative Writing

Area of writing: Poetry


S. C. Bostwick is a queer prose poet born in Washington State, who received their BA in Creative Writing from Western Washington University. They grew up between Mount Rainier and the Pacific ocean, and have since learned to use these places—and the people around them—as forms of inspiration, specifically the grandeur of the Pacific Northwest landscape and all its tiny wonders. They also draw on the fluidity of gender to make sense of the world through images, words, and the surreal magic that makes up every bit of us to create works that are surreal, haunting, and somehow alive. They have collaborated with musicians, Tom McKay and Tommy Jordan, recording spoken word poetry over electronic tracks to tell a new kind of story (one of love and self-growth and honesty). Their work can be found in SLAM and Labyrinth, and they are currently working on a multi-genre collection of poems and creative non-fiction that centers around trauma, addiction, gender, personhood, and, of course, a mother’s love.