Funding Packages/ Scholarships

What funding package do you offer your students?
Every student admitted to the MFA receives:

1) a full tuition scholarship

2) a fellowship which carries a full stipend (currently $16,000 per year) and responsibilities in the areas of publications, outreach projects, and/or teaching creative writing (NOT comp)

3) access to a 100% health insurance subsidy

What types of financial aid do you offer?
All students admitted into the program, whether international or U.S. residents, receive a full tuition scholarship.

Tuition is waived?
If you are admitted into the graduate MFA program, you will receive a tuition scholarship.

Are MFA students eligible for Health Insurance? At what cost?
The University of Notre Dame offers a full health subsidy for eligible graduate students. Eligible graduate students are those enrolled in the University plan, and they receive full tuition support, and a stipend. Students who are covered through a different plan will receive $200 that they may apply to that plan.

How much will I receive if I qualify for a stipend?
The stipends are worth $16,000 over the course of 9 months. That’s plenty of money for living in South Bend. Students who receive a stipend also receive a 50% subsidy on their Notre Dame health insurance.

How long can I teach, and how do I apply for an assistantship?
All assistantships are for two years and each applicant is automatically considered. No separate application is needed.

What is the Sparks Prize?
All graduating MFAs from Notre Dame are invited to apply for the Sparks Prize, which awards one student $35,000 to live and write for a third year. The only requirements are residency in South Bend and one public reading.

The government will pay the interest on a subsidized loan. The Stafford loans are need-based and the financial aid office must follow federal guidelines.


Fellowship Opportunities

Fellowships: We offer every admitted student full funding in the form of a tuition scholarship and a publication or outreach focused fellowship which comes with a stipend and responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Publications
  • Outreach: (DUE TO COVID-19 THIS ARE NOT OPERATIVE DURING AY 2020-2021) Our MFA program has three outreach coordinators who work tirelessly to set up and facilitate partnerships with our South Bend neighbors. MFA students currently conduct writing groups and clubs at the Juvenile Justice Center, the Robinson Community Center, and local public elementary schools, with other plans in the works. Our outreach endeavors diversify and sharpen our teaching skills, affirm our commitment to the arts as service, and help us to learn from our neighbors about the special character, history, challenges and resilience of our vibrant city, South Bend
    • Juvenile Justice Center
    • Robinson Community Center
    • Area schools
  • Teaching: During the second year of the MFA, students are eligible to teach introductory undergraduate Creative Writing coures. All teaching is in creative writing, not composition, and students develop their own courses. They can design three types of courses: Introduction to Poetry, Introduction to Prose, or Introduction to Creative Writing.