Graduate Fiction Workshop Steve Tomasula
Spring 2015 Limited to students in the Creative Writing MFA Program, the workshop's major emphasis is on analysis, criticism, and discussion of participants' fiction, nonfiction, and hybrid manuscripts. Assigned readings in contemporary prose further the discussion of literary movements, critical schools, and publishing realities, as well as the aesthetic and philosophical implications of genre, style, and subject. 

Graduate Poetry Workshop Orlando Menes
Spring 2015  This course is for candidates in the MFA program in poetry. The course places its main emphasis on student writing and will be run as a week-to-week workshop of student work. The objective of the course is to provide students with meaningful feedback on their work, as well as to build students' facility in the critical, constructive discussion of peer and published work. All other course activities, including readings, will vary from section to section. 

The Grotesque in Modern and Contemporary Culture Johannes Gorannson
Spring 2015  Over the last 100 years, the grotesque (as well as related qualities like the hysterical, the transgressive, the gothic, the excessive, the surreal) has played a controversial and provocative role in a wide range of art and literature, as well as discourses of politics, the body, gender, race, media and morality, often involving all of these at the same time, or even collapsing these categories into each other. Rather than a proper genre, the grotesque has operated as a force of excess that transgresses easy classification, terminologies and boundaries. The class will read, listen to and watch sci-fi novels, punk songs, horror movies, Dada collages and gothic poems by writers, artists and performers like Paul Celan, Sylvia Plath, JG Ballard, David Lynch, Ana Mendieta, Sex Pistols, Julia Kristeva and Mikhail Bakhtin. This class is designed for MFA students (in writing and art). We will work on both critical and creative projects in response to the readering/viewing/listening 

Practicum: Literary Publishing  Joyelle McSweeney
Spring 2015 A review of the current state of literary publishing in the U.S. and abroad.