Each creative writing course at Notre Dame is unique to the professor teaching the course. As such, there are no generic descriptions for creative writing courses at the university. Instead, we offer a variety of teaching methods and approaches to the subject which students may choose from in order to best fit their specific goals. Below are examples of the courses offered.

Graduate Fiction Workshop, William O'Rourke
Fall 2013: Designed for students in the Creative Writing MFA Program, the workshop's major emphasis is on analysis, criticism, and discussion of participants' fiction, nonfiction, and hybrid manuscripts. Assigned readings in contemporary prose further the discussion of literary movements, critical schools, and publishing realities, as well as the aesthetic and philosophical implications of genre, style, and subject.

Graduate Poetry Workshop Orlando Menes
Fall 2013: This seminar, which uses the traditional workshop method, is designed for graduate students in the MFA program. The principal aim of the course is for students to generate work of publishable quality by the end of the semester, and for students in the second year of the program to complete the MFA thesis. Reading assignments will include a variety of first poetry collections that received national acclaim when they were published. Indeed, a diversity of poetics will be emphasized throughout the semester. Another important component of the course will be translation and world poetry. We will also consider the current landscape of literary magazines and the various book-publication possibilities that exist for poets, especially those who have not yet published their first book. Students should contact me as soon as they have enrolled in the course.