Should I visit the campus before applying?
Although visiting the Notre Dame campus before applying is certainly not required, the Creative Writing Office is happy to aide prospective students who wish to visit by providing them with campus maps and area information. Guided tours of the campus are also available from the Eck Visitors Center.

May I sit in on a class or meet with MFA faculty before applying?
University of Notre Dame policy prohibits visitors from sitting in classes, so you will not be able to attend a course before you are an accepted student. If you visit the university after being accepted to the program, you may sit in on a class if invited by the course instructor.

Due to the large number of campus visits arranged each year, our program generally does not schedule official meetings between visiting applicants and faculty members. Our professors are engaged in their roles as instructors, advisors, and authors, and, as such, are often unable to meet with each prospective student. Nevertheless, the faculty at Notre Dame is supportive and willing to meet with applicants when time and scheduling permit. Visiting students can contact professors via this link.