What is the most important part of my application?
The writing sample plays the biggest role in the selection process.

What qualifications do I need to be accepted?
Admission to the Creative Writing Program is based primarily on the writing sample and letters of recommendation. All writing professors consider the writing samples from all applications for their particular genre. It is by far the most important part of the application. However, you must also be accepted by the University of Notre Dame Graduate School, which requires a minimum GPA of 3.0. Exceptions can be made for outstanding writing samples.

I wasn’t an English major. Can I still apply?
Yes, as long as your application demonstrates an ability to succeed in an MFA program, i.e., an outstanding writing sample.

What if I want to apply to the MFA program in both Poetry and Prose?
In addition to the materials required by the Graduate School, the applicant must submit a writing sample which should be roughly thirty pages of fiction or creative nonfiction, twenty pages of poetry, or an equivalent amount of other appropriate writing. An applicant wishing to apply in both prose and poetry must submit two writing samples.

Should I upload my writing samples as one document or more than one?
You can upload them all as one Word or PDF document, or you can upload them separately using the “Upload Additional Documents” button on the online application.

How many pages of poetry need to be submitted?
On average, 20 pages of poetry should be submitted. Anywhere between 18 and 22 pages is acceptable. These pages may consist of twenty or so individual short poems or several longer poems, as long as the work does not extend beyond the acceptable page limit.