How do I apply?
You must apply online at ApplyNow.

What is the application deadline and fee?
The application deadline is January 2. The application fee is $75, and there is no discount for submitting your application early.

Are there application fee waivers?
We are able to provide a limited number of application fee waivers each year.

All US minority and permanent resident applicants receive a fee waiver from the graduate school in the course of completing their applications. Begin your application and you will be walked through the steps of receiving your waiver.

Applicants requesting a fee waiver due to financial concerns will need a letter from their current or former institutions affirming that their financial position qualifies them for such a waiver. This documentation should be emailed to Direct all queries to

Waivers of Access?
They can be obtained while filling out the AY application. There’s a box to check online that tells the recommender whether the applicant waives access or not.

Can I use a dossier service (such as Interfolio) to apply to the program or submit letters of recommendation?
Notre Dame allows the use of dossier services such as Interfolio in its application process so long as the services have the capability to upload documents to SLATE. Therefore, you may use some dossier services to collect and submit your letters of recommendation. The service you are using should review SLATE procedures and alert you to which parts of the application it can complete and which parts you will need to personally submit online. More information about the SLATE process is available on the Graduate School FAQ page.

Information too late to be included?
We’ll accept late application information, such as recommendation letters or GRE scores, as long as this information gets to us within a week, more or less, of the deadline.

How can I make any changes to a submitted application?
After you have officially submitted the web application, there is no way to re-enter and upload any additional material. Any revisions that are absolutely necessary must be sent to

Spring admission?
We offer only fall admittance to the graduate writing program. The application deadline is January 2nd.

If I am not offered admission and I reapply the following year, will my application materials still be on file?
You will have to fill out a new application and resubmit application materials (letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae, transcripts, a new statement of intent, and the writing sample). If the Graduate School has your official GRE scores from the previous year, you do not have to resubmit them.

Wait, so I have to start a new application entirely if I'm reapplying to the program?
Yes, you must. You will have to create a new application and re-submit your application materials (letters of recommendation, CV, transcripts, statement of intent, and writing sample). You cannot edit an old application or reactivate it to submit it again, you have to start a new application. Starting over fresh gives you the opportunity to think about your previous application materials, make edits, or change things you may no longer feel represent you at your very best.

What application materials are required?
Visit the Creative Writing website for a list of application materials and guidelines.

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