In 2009, four of our students resurrected the writing workshops at the South Bend Juvenile Correctional Facility that were begun by Colby Davis in 2007. With anywhere between three and fifteen eager attendees each week, the workshops are bound to continue for years to come and possibly through the summers.

Using practices adopted from programs like Voices UnBroken and Women Writing for (a) Change, the students have formed a casual but focused hour-long weekly workshop for their friends in the facility, boys aged twelve to eighteen. Both the MFA and the facility students look forward to that time to talk with one another, write, and share their work.

Because of the background check and training required to volunteer at the facility, and because of the sense of consistency that the young students require, these workshops are only open to those who can commit to them for an entire semester.

The anthology that results from the workshop is available in June. For a copy, please contact the program.