The MFA Student Reading Series was founded by alumna Lisa Gonzales in 2004 as an opportunity for MFA students to read in an off-campus venue. Though the poets and prose-writers featured in these readings come from a variety of backgrounds and aesthetics, the readings always create a ruckus and draw a packed audience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear the best young writers in Indiana!

Spring 2015 finds these most-talented writers reading at 7:30 p.m. at Hammes campus bookstore. On-campus reading can also be fun.

Ae Hee Lee, Bret Nye, Matt Pelkey, and Nichole Riggs [Apr 1]

Ae Hee Lee’s poetry draws on fairy tales from across various cultural boundaries, and finds the unsettling spirits that live inside our experiences.

Bret Nye is working on manuscript in which “ghost stories” emerge from metafiction and the weight of painful memories.

Matthew Pelkey’s writing blends a focus on personal experience and a career in music with urban life, particularly in Chicago.

Nichole Riggs’ work is informed by surrealism and a concept of poetry as an artifact of the subconscious.        

Katy Cousino, Chris Holdaway, and Tony Messina [Apr 15]

Katy Cousino is a poet invested in grotesque bodies, and seeks to psychologically challenge what is considered normal for the physical human condition.    

Chris Holdaway is an amateur astrophysicist whose poetry confuses contours of the Cosmic Microwave Background with landscapes of Earth.

Tony Messina’s are stories usually strange, sometimes transgressive, and can often be described as magical realism.

Evan Harris, Kyle Muntz, and Alethea Tusher [Apr 29]

Evan Harris’s writing is concerned with contemporary political realities, travel narrative, and the boundaries between stories and the people who tell them.

Kyle Muntz’s current project integrates elements of mythology, surrealism, and the grotesque with fantasy narratives.

Alethea Tusher’s poetry is a translation of herself, and other poems are translations of those translations, and still other poems are translations of those translated translations.