The MFA Student Reading Series was founded by alumna Lisa Gonzales in 2004 as an opportunity for MFA students to read for the Notre Dame and South Bend communities. Though the poets and prose-writers featured in these readings come from a variety of backgrounds and aesthetics, the readings always create a ruckus and draw a packed audience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear the best young writers in Indiana!

Spring 2014 finds these most-talented writers reading at 7:30 p.m.

Jace Brittain, Suzi Garcia, and Garret Travis Mar 5 at The Pool at Central High School, 330 W Colfax Apt 125.

Jace Brittain’s fiction is the most charming lyrical slapstick you will ever encounter.  

Suzi Garcia recently realized that an alarming number of her poems are about nachos, but she’s not really that alarmed.

Garret Travis has a thing for snakes and underground rooms and camcorders. That is, in his fiction, at least.

Jonathan Diaz, Julia Harris, Thirii Myint & Sarah Roth Apr 2 at The Pool at Central High School, 330 W Colfax Apt 125.

Jonathan Diaz likes his poetry like he likes his scotch—neat, no chaser.

Julia Harris has been known to dress up like an alligator and write splendid poetry about Batman.

Thirii Myint writes something that looks like fiction. But that fiction is just a front for her billion-dollar business idea: Rent-A-Baby.

This one time, Sarah Roth made a speech about the act of writing and embodiment that made all around her cry. The speech cannot be repeated.  

Paul Cunningham, Jessie Newman, Dev Varma & Rachel Zavecz Apr 16 at Crossroads Gallery for Contemporary Art, 1045 W Washington St. South Bend.

Paul Cunningham is into Derrida and has heard of Wittgenstein, and his poetry shows it.

Jessie Newman’s fiction, while magically worded, is probably just about her kickboxing withdrawals.

Dev Varma feels, like his fiction, always a bit bloated, like he had one too many french fries. His fiction consists of him eating french fries.

Rachel Zavecz writes poems with lots of :)’s and (*__*)’s that make people go like :O.

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