The MFA Student Reading Series was founded by alumna Lisa Gonzales in 2004 as an opportunity for MFA students to read in an off-campus venue. Though the poets and prose-writers featured in these readings come from a variety of backgrounds and aesthetics, the readings always create a ruckus and draw a packed audience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear the best young writers in Indiana!

Fall 2013 finds these most-talented writers reading at 7:30 p.m. at O’Rourke’s Public House, Eddy St. Commons.

Alice Ladrick, Jenica Moore, and Kaushik Viswanath [Oct 16]

Alice Ladrick is almost definitely a person who almost definitely writes poems that are almost definitely about something.

Jenica Moore comes to us from the ‘Zoo up in Michigan, bringing with her an air of the steam engine and the generous spirit of a baby red panda.

Kaushik Viswanath is a serious man, whose writing creates a worldly cage of strange reality quickly wrenched open and made to dance, grotesquely and honestly, around the cities of India. He’s also really funny, so look out for that.

Mari Christmas, Leo Costigan, and Emily Grecki [Nov 13]

Mari “Don’t Say It ‘Merry’” Christmas is just as darling as her precious mutt Kuma, though perhaps a bit bawdier (Kuma’s only a pup, after all).  A lover of full animals, half-animals and scatology, Mari can make you seriously contemplate the consequences of picking up dog shit or turning your mother into a fish.

Leo Costigan is the Clark Kent of the MFA Program, deceivingly quiet and devastatingly witty. Beneath his cherubic curls lies a mind faster than a speeding bullet and funnier than one to boot.

Emily Grecki is a creator of complex and timeless worlds that float around, immersing you with their mystery and adorable tiny, frozen mammoths.

Lynda Letona, Christine Texeira, and Peter Twal [Dec 4]

Lynda Letona’s poems have a gritty-fantastical bent, reveling in a flaming lake of complicated genders, moralities, and nationalities, making poems that read like a sexualized version of Grendel’s mother.

Christine Texeira grew up in Seattle, and is like a shy rain drop smattering stories of longing and conspiracy, D.B. Cooper and bubble tea across notebooks stained with French Fries and perfume.

Peter Twal is from Louisiana, writes poems about a guy named Milo and wiener dogs, and has adorable pictures of him and his girlfriend hanging in his house. He’s definitely not batman (or is he?).