Fall 2014

Note on the University and College Fine Arts Requirement: Creative writing courses offer one way to satisfy the fine arts requirement. To obtain a complete list of all of these courses go to the class search page, then select the "fine arts" attribute and press control (on a Mac press command) shift and select all departments.

ENGL 20000
Introduction to Creative Writing
Section 01 – Suzie Garcia – MW 3:30-4:45
Section 02 – Dev Varma – TR 11:00-12:15

This course will introduce you to the craft of writing poetry and fiction. Thus, you will study the language, forms, techniques, and conventions of poetry and fiction with the purpose of putting that knowledge into practice. The hope is that by the end of the semester you will have also discovered ways of reading creative works that are stimulating and enriching for you. A large part of the semester will be devoted to the writing and sharing of exercises and original creative works in a workshop setting.

ENGL 20003
Fiction Writing
Section 01 – Johannes Goransson – MW 11:00-12:15
Section 02 – Steve Tomasula – TR 2:00-3:15
Section 03 – Jessica Newman – TR 3:30-4:45

Students will begin with narrative exercises in style and form and ultimately write complete drafts and revisions of literary short stories. Readings in modern and contemporary literature will provide critical perspective and vocabulary, as well as narrative possibilities.

ENGL 20004
Poetry Writing
Orlando Menes
TR 9:30-10:45

This course invites you to build on the basics, develop your technical abilities, and broaden your approaches to the form, genres, media, language, and performance of contemporary poetry. Students should expect to read and view works from a variety of periods and cultures, and will generate their own poems in response to course readings and prompts as well as their own impromptu in-class writing. Students will also sharpen their critical vocabulary as they analyze assigned readings, critique peer work, and receive critiques of their poems from both peers and instructor. Specific readings, activities and assignments will differ from section to section.