Nicole Winsor

Nicole Winsor


Areas of Interest
British and Irish Modernism; Global Modernisms/Modernities; 20th and 21st Century Postcolonial Drama; Theatre and Performance Studies.

BA in English; MA in Drama, University of Auckland.

Nicole’s wider areas of research are British and Irish Modernism and (post)colonial modernisms/modernities and she focuses primarily on twentieth century Irish, Australian, and New Zealand literature. She is particularly interested in challenging the received narratives of modernism and modernity, firstly by paying attention to the intersections between modernist representations of history, temporality, race, indigeneity, and gender in postcolonial nation states and secondly, by exploring the ways in which postcolonial dramatists and theatre practitioners navigate these key themes within the material contexts of theatre and performance. Her dissertation examines the contradictory utopic and dystopic energies generated by ideologies of cultural revivalism in Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, arguing that these revolutionary energies which the state fails to contain in fact erupt in radical theatre productions and performances. These theatre and performance spaces thus become heterotopic sites where potential socio-political alternatives to existing orders can be imagined and brought into existence. Nicole is a recipient of the University of Notre Dame Presidential Fellowship and has been an active member of the International Network of Comparative Humanities since 2016.

Recent Scholarly Activity

“‘Like a Dry Skin Itching for Growth on our Bodies’: Modernist Surfaces and Intersubjective Encounters in Mansfield’s Early Writing.” Katherine Mansfield Society. Bandol, France. 11 June 2016. Paper Presentation.

“‘Susceptibility is the Experience’: Global Modernist Writing and Elizabeth Bowen’s The Last September.” American Conference for Irish Studies. Notre Dame 30 March 2016. Paper Presentation.

“Between the Door and the Sea”: Narrative Memory and the Conflicts of Individual and Communal Will in On Baile’s Strand.” Mapping Yeats Symposium. Kansas City, MO. 4 September 2015. Paper Presentation.

“The Disruptive Other: Phantom Hauntings in W.B. Yeats’s Purgatory.” International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures. Leuven, Belgium. 20 July 2011. Paper Presentation.