César L. Soto

Email: csoto@nd.edu

Areas of Interest
19th Century British Literature, Anglo-Irish Literature, Chicana/o Literature, Nationalism & Cosmopolitanism, Cultural Politics of Religion

California State University at Northridge, BA; California State University at Northridge, MA

César's research focuses on the relations amongst cultural nationalism, literature, the cosmopolitan ideal, and socio-economic class. An emergent interest is in how religious culture and politics inform literary and dramatic representations, in spite of the dominance of secular thinking and, in some writers' cases, the explicit disavowal of faith. Religious questioning, blasphemous and heretical utterances, and the idealization of secular worldviews and practices have thus become potential research nodes in this secular-faith nexus.

César is both a Ford Foundation and Joseph L. Gaia Distinguished Fellow. He is currently reading for exams, which focus on Nineteenth-Century British, Anglo-Irish, and Mexican Literature, as well as on theories of nationalism and cosmopolitanism. César is also a co-founder and current president of the Latina/o Graduate Association at Notre Dame (LGAND).