Jeremy Davidheiser



Areas of Interest
British Romanticism, Victorian Literature, Gender and Politics

Moravian College, BA; Lehigh University, MA

Jeremy Davidheiser is a PhD student in English literature focusing on the long nineteenth century. He is most interested in issues of gender, class, and revolutionary politics as they manifest in radical literature of the Romantic era, particularly the Jacobin novel. His research thus far focuses primarily on Charlotte Smith, Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Hays, and William Godwin, but he is currently expanding his knowledge of Victorian novelists such as Elizabeth Gaskell. Jeremy is interested in tracking the influence of the Jacobin novel and other politically charged Romantic-era media on the Victorian social landscape. As such, he hopes to write a dissertation examining gender and the rhetoric of political failure in the Jacobin novel and its most apparent successor, the Victorian social novel. Jeremy also fosters a wholly unrelated interest in film, especially experimental film and animation. He hopes to incorporate his love of film in his teaching at the University of Notre Dame.