Nora Kenney

Kenney Stock Photo


Area of Interest
Twentieth Century, transnational Modernism

University of Notre Dame, BA

I study the Twentieth Century, specifially transnational Modernism, with special attention to how it fosters or hinders writers’ relationships with their nations of origins. I also look at how the Modernist sensibility sometimes pushes writers to forge new senses of home in foreign nations. I have had the pleasure of sharing some of these interests with Notre Dame undergraduates working for Chris Fox as a Teaching Assistant for the “Introduction to Irish Studies” course.

I hope to begin a doctoral program in the fall of 2018. Though my doctoral focus can only be described with broad strokes at present, I intend to look at ideas of selfhood relating to an artist’s nationality and origin story, within the Modernism-Postmodernism shift. I'm also interested in looking at boredom as a literary mood in this period. Key figures in my study would hopefully include Franz Kafka, James Joyce, T. S. Eliot, Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, David Foster Wallace, Mikhail Bakhtin, Jean Baudrillard, the TV series Mad Men, and more. I would like to home in on close readings of language and how language can illuminate notions of self and home.



Recent Scholarly Activity: 
"'All that Manhattan talk': Using Bakhtin to Hear Mad Men's Adspeak in the Everyday." Mad Men: The Conference.  Middle Tennessee State University. 28 May 2016. Conference paper. Book chapter forthcoming.